Recent Postings on the Internet, plus Geneviève


I did an interview recently with the podcast Death Knell – which might sound like a black-metal folk group, but is actually a great little podcast by David Ruiz about loss. The particular subject of the episode is people who made artwork about their experience. So I talk about making Don't Go Where I Can't Follow and The End. My interview is cut together with that of a musician (with a much better phone line) named Scott Ferreter who does music under the name Deep Pools

Toward the end of the conversation I also mention work I'm doing putting finishing touches on a children's book my friend Geneviève Castrée was working on when she died last year, called A Bubble.  But her name isn't mentioned there, so I wanted to acknowledge her, here. Below is a page from that book. It tells the story of a child who's mother lives in the titular bubble, and while Geneviève had finished drawing almost everything in the book with a few very minor exceptions, she had not drawn the bubble, which appears on nearly every page. So I'm finishing a few minor details, adding the lettering, and drawing the bubbles. I'll probably say more about it here when the book comes out next year, but for now, credit where it is due. The podcast is here.

Anders Nilsen